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2016 Republican Primary Endorsements for Court #1


I am delighted to endorse Judge Clyde Leuchtag for Judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law 1.  

Unanimously appointed by Commissioners Court to the same court in which I had the privilege of serving the citizens of Harris County for over a decade, Judge Clyde Leuchtag is a highly qualified and God-fearing man who has paid his dues and deserves our support.  He paid his dues as a precinct chair for 19 years. He paid his dues as an attorney by skillfully representing Harris County for 18 years and representing the public before that as an attorney at the prestigious Baker Botts law firm.  Judge Leuchtag also paid his educational dues as a graduate of Rice University and a magna cum laude graduate of South Texas College of Law. 

Therefore, let’s keep Judge Clyde Leuchtag as judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law #1 

 — Commissioner R. Jack Cagle

My friend Clyde Leuchtag has worked with me at the County, protecting the interests of the taxpayers.  He will continue to protect the citizens of Harris County as the judge in County Civil Court #1

— Chris Daniel, Harris County District Clerk

"Thanks for being such a good judge."


— County Judge Ed Emmett

I enthusiastically endorse my friend Judge Clyde Leuchtag for County Civil Court at Law #1.  I have known Clyde since 2002 and know him to be a committed conservative who will represent the citizens of Harris County with honor and integrity.


— Gayle Fuller, Commissioner Harris County Emergency Services District No. 7

I have known Clyde for over a decade. I have found him to be committed to and concerned about Citizens of Harris County. Clyde is fair and listens to the discussion and weighs the argument out according to the rule of law.

— Michael Kubosh, Houston City Council Member At-Large Position 3

From my days as an original Advisory Board Member for Houstonians Futbol Club for Urban Youth Soccer, Inc. to my current role as Harris County Treasurer, I know Clyde Leuchtag to be an intelligent and principled conservative leader who has demonstrated his ability to get people working together.


— Orlando Sanchez, County Treasurer

Early in our careers, he and I worked together in the Federal Trial Division of the Harris County Attorney’s office.   We handled many federal trials together during those years.  He was an excellent trial lawyer and completely committed to conservative public service.

— Michael P. Fleming, former County Attorney

I heartily endorse Judge Leuchtag. He has the necessary characteristics to be a great judge.

— Mike Bercu, Pct Chair 489 and Engagement Committee Chair

After much consideration, it is my pleasure to offer my endorsement and support to Judge Clyde Leuchtag, who is the Republican judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law #1. Judge Leuchtag deserves the highest consideration given his history of consistent, fair, impartial, and studious commitment in jurisprudence as an Attorney and Judge.

In interviewing his peers and reviewing his judicial and political records, Judge Leuchtag is well respected as a bona fide Conservative Jurist, with years of judicial experience. Such qualifications are needed in a time where Conservative Jurists are needed in our Great State.  Judge Leuchtag is the right choice for our Party and deserves our Nomination for Harris County Civil Court at Law #1.

As a long time Conservative, Judge Leuchtag's commitment to Faith, Family, and Freedom clearly espouses the highest commitment to the Republican Party platform. This is a key element in considering only our finest nominees for public office.

I encourage you to join me in supporting Judge Clyde Leuchtag!

— JT Edwards, SREC SD11 and TFRO Chair-elect

Clyde Leuchtag has the judicial philosophy in line with the constitution and has the character to be an exceptional public servant. — Chris Weber

I'm happy to endorse Judge Clyde Leuchtag for Judge, Harris County Civil Court at Law #1. I feel confident he will serve faithfully and with great wisdom.

— Trebor Gordon, HCRP Chaplin

I am pleased to endorse Judge Clyde. Join me and other grass roots conservatives in Harris County and vote to keep Judge Clyde.
— Cyndi LAWRENCE, President of Katy Tea Party

As a member of the SREC, HCRP Judicial Screening Committee and a Harris County area Police Lieutenant, I have had an opportunity to get to know, observe, and/or interview many of our candidates for office.

— Chris McDonald, member of the SREC, HCRP Judicial Screening Committee and a Harris County area Police Lt

Judge Clyde Leuchtag's years of service to our County has prepared him to be a great Judge. Harris County and the citizens he serves are truly blessed to have such a God fearing man sitting on the bench of Civil Court at Law #1.


— David Riddle, SD7 Chair

You are doing a great job filling Judge Debra Mayfield position. I am proud to endorse you.

— Perky Savage, Volunteer of the Year

I will also highlight your race in my election newsletter.
— Bob Blackmer, Pct. Chair 338

Judge Leuchtag brings experience, common sense and fairness to the courtroom. He has my strongest endorsement.

— Brian Cweren

Jonathan Hansen, Harris County Precinct 159 Republican Chairman and Harris County Republican Party Training & Development Committee Vice Chairman
— Jonathan Hansen

I am endorsing Mr. Clyde, Esq. For Judge.
— Tabu Winslow Morris, Pct. Chair 275

I have known Judge Leuchtag for over 24 years and I support him for judge.
— Danny Schnautz, Pct. Chair 348

I am delighted to endorse Judge Clyde Leuchtag for Judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law 1. I have over 30 years of law-enforcement experience within Harris County and have known Clyde for many years. I have total respect for Clyde's values in judgment and know he's the right man for the job!

— James Skarvan

I would like to give you my personal endorsement as the Director of the Cypress Texas Tea Party. Please understand that the Cypress Texas Tea Party does not give endorsements as a group, but I do give my personal endorsement. David M. Wilson Director, Cypress Texas Tea Party


— David Wilson, Pct Chair 924
Paul Bettencourt, State Senator
Mike Knox, Houston City Council At-Large #1
Commissioner Steve Radack
James White, State Rep. & former SD13 Chair
Robert Eckels, former County Judge
Commissioner Jack Morman
Richard Hill, former County Civil #1 Judge
Beverly Kaufman, former Harris County Clerk
David M. Medina, former Texas Supreme Court Justice
Mike Stafford, former Harris County Attorney
Henry Childs II, SREC SD19
Norma Brady Jeter, Republican Volunteer of the Year 2012
Greg Aydt, Pct. Chair 333
Mark C. Brown, SD13 Chair
Mona Lisa Chambers, former SD13 Chair
Vergel Cruz, SREC SD15 and Candidates Committee Chair
Levi J. Benton, former District Judge
Dale Gibble, , SREC SD13
Bonnie Lugo, SREC SD13
Alice Rekeweg, SD4 Chair
Valoree Swanson, former SREC SD7
Mary Jane B. Smith, former SD 17, Pct Chair 232
Jorge Villarreal, Former High School Republicans of Texas Chair
Brock C. Akers
Fred T. Blanton, Pct Chair 263
Chris Carmona
Marvin Clede
Ralph Collier, Pct Chair 168
Matthew Cowan, Pct Chair 311
Eric Dick
Joe Dotson
Rev. Gene Pack, former SREC SD13
Bert & Judith Ellis
Josh Flynn, Pct. Chair 407
Reginald Clyde Grant Jr, Pct Chair 636
Heather Harris, Pct Chair 76
Jon King
Larry Lipton
Carole Walter Looke
Dwaine Massey
JoAnn McCracken, Pct. Chair 207
Woody Mitchell
Michael Palmquist, Pct. Chair 633
Prof. Marc A. Pembroke
Lana Shadwick
Paul Shanklin
Shannon Terry
George Brian Vachris, Pct. Chair 72
Virgil Vickery, Pct Chair 515
Christopher Warner, Houston Young Republicans
Phillip Webb, Pct. Chair 474
The C Club
Jared Woodfill, former Chair HCRP
Conservative Coalition of Harris County (100%)
Conservative Republicans of Harris County - Dr. Steve Hotz
Conservative Republicans of Texas - - Dr. Steve Hotz
Houston Realty Business Coalition (HRBC)
Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.
The Link Letter - Terry Lowry, Pct Chair 485, Radio Host
Police Officers Looking Into Courtroom (and Candidate) Excellence - Police Inc.
Spring Branch Republicans
Spring Tea Party
Texas Asian Republican Club of Houston
Texas Conservative Review - Gary Polland
Texas Conservative View
United Republicans of Harris County
Houston Chronicle
Jewish Herald-Voice
Katy Christian Magazine
Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity PAC
Houston Area COGIC PAC
Houston Association of Women Attorneys (AWA)
Mexican American Bar Association of Houston (MABAH)

Clyde Raymond Leuchtag Campaign, Michael P. Fleming Treasurer
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